Fresh air, please!

There’s a simple question I ask when booking a hotel room. Can I open the windows?

I’ve lost count of the sleepless nights spent incarcerated in a room with views through thick panes of glass set rigidly into the wall. Being captive in such a state renders me a caged animal.

breatheWhy would anyone even consider building a room with windows that don’t open? I simply don’t understand such warped logic. You can quote safety regulations all you want but what I want as a traveller is the ability to breathe in and to hear wherever it is I am. That’s intrinsic to my being there.

Should things outside my hotel room become adversely noisy, smelly or whatever then I can always simply close the window. I should have that choice.

Sadly, many hotels deny us the basic human right of breathing in fresh air. Instead we are doomed to incarceration and forced to inhale recycled air billowing into the room from an air-conditioning system and invariably positioned most inappropriately, blowing directly onto the bed so guests are chilled to the bone when asleep.

Even worse in my book are those hotels in which rooms have the double damnation of fixed windows and air-con you can’t adjust or switch off.  And if granted in-room control of their air-con, then guests often face another vexing issue, that the air-con systems in “enclosed” hotels are nearly always so noisy. I’ve spent nights switching off the apparatus for some peace and quiet only to have to switch it back on within an hour because I’m gasping for oxygen or about to faint from stifling heat.

The solution is easy? A simple breeze. It works wonders in combating both heat and fatigue and promoting relaxation. Open those windows, please!


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