Surreal surroundings

IMG_0244IMG_0243Antoni Gaudí is the undisputed starring artist of Barcelona, almost at the expense of compatriot Joan Miró.

Gaudí’s architectural omnipresence in the city is lauded by most guide books. Miró the eminent surrealist barely gets mention.

I counter this imbalance by spending time at the wonderful Fundació Joan Miró, which should most definitely be on Top Ten list of things to do in this vibrant Spanish city.

My enchanting outing includes riding the cable car up to Parc de Montjuic, so I have terrific views of the city prior to spending quality time in one of Barcelona’s most illuminating art galleries.

Joan Miró i Ferrà (1893-1983) was a Catalan born in Barcelona, a painter, ceramicist and sculptor. Miró gifted the foundation gallery to the city and it opened in 1975. This fascinating collection consists not simply of wonderful work by Miró but also a collection of contemporary art curated as a tribute to the artist following his death in Majorca on Christmas Day, 1983. Miró is buried in the cemetery on Montjuic’s southern slopes.

IMG_0242During my gallery visit I’m overwhelmed at the quality and the amount of what there is to see. Wanting fresh air I walk out onto the spacious top floor balcony to enjoy the humour of Miró the sculptor up close, as captured in the many whimisical sculptures.

The freedom to wander among Miro’s work, make such an intimate connection and take photographs, should you wish, is all part of the magic that makes a visit to the Foundation so rewarding. It most certainly equals goggling at Gaudí.


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