Market forces

Wherever I may roam, I always aim to spend time exploring local food markets. As well as being enticing and colourfully attractive, a market is a barometer of trends and tastes, providing an appreciation of local flavours and also some indication of the state of the local economy.

Fresh food markets allow me to sample foods I might not have seen before. And I can stock up on tasty victuals at the going price, which helps stretch my limited travel cash. But why say any more when every picture tells a story?

Borough Market London

Borough Market, London

Fes merchant, figs, dates,nuts

Fes market, Morocco

Le Var, Provence

Leeks, Montreal

Leeks, Montreal

Vienna 4

Naschmarkt, Vienna

Nougat sellers in Fes medina

Nougat sellers in Fes medina

Panzano Italy

Panzano, Italy


Papeete, Tahiti

Pickles Budapest

Pickles, Budapest

Saturday markets, Salamanca Square

Salamanca market, Hobart

tomatos Montreal

Tomato stall, Montreal

Venice, near Rialto

Market near Rialto, Venice,

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