Music on the water

It’s early evening on Prince Edward Island and the beer, mussels and music are flowing freely aboard the small ship MV Fairview while it chugs leisurely around Charlottetown harbour.

It’s been grey and overcast much of the day and now it’s getting pretty chilly standing out on deck. But we are being blessed with the unfolding joys of an unexpected and marvellous sunset. A gleaming sheen spreads across the darkening swell like a gift from the Gods.

Inside the Fairview’s snug cabin, the steamed island blue mussels are piping hot and the local ale well chilled. An on-board ceildih is in full swing as local whiz musicians Cynthia Macleod and Jon Matthews, on violin and guitar, segue a stream of infectious, foot-stomping Gaelic reels and jigs that are guaranteed to warm the cockles of the heart.

See and hear for yourself how they swing ….

This is surely one of the finest ways to party while on the Gentle Island; nothing at all fancy, simply a small group of happy souls afloat, enjoying a short cruise beneath a glorious sunset accompanied by tasty morsels and lively toe-tapping tunes. I can’t think of a better recipe for baking a lasting memory.

# This lively, joyous music is a hallmark of Canada’s most Celtic Province. Regular ceilidh are held at various locations around the island and could easily form the basis of a devoted fan’s Celtic music itinerary.

How best to see Charlottetown from the sea



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